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Suzuki Ravi 2013 Price in Pakistan

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Suzuki Ravi 2013 Prices

Suzuki Ravi 2013 Price in Pakistan (Euro II) PKR 622,000/-

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Suzuki Ravi 2013 Review

Suzuki Ravi 2013 Price in PakistanSuzuki Ravi 2013 is the modified model for the year 2013. Now all the workers like distributers or anyone else too can use this pick up with all its convenience. Transportation of goods was not this easy before; at present, this pick up can be the first choice to transporters or distributers, etc.

Price is quite economical, i.e. Rs. 622, 000. It offers two comfortable seats, 4 strokes steering along with an instrument panel. Engine is OHC and water cooling.  It has reverse 1 and 4- Forward all synchromeshes transmission with effective performance. Unique color’s pearl red, silver and white are available. It has 36 capacity fuel tanks. As its name suggests Ravi, it runs like flowing river Ravi. The quality is purely reliable.

Ratings: 3.111 Reviews
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