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Ufone Internet and SMS Packages 2013

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Ufone SMS Bundles

Ufone SMS bundles are as amazing as the Ufone service is, it offers you a wide variety of SMS packages that fits everyone as exactly as they have devised themselves. Ufone offers 9 SMS exciting packages to keep your fingers moving across the mobile pad and make you stay connected to your buddies all the time all the way. To keep the count of sent SMS and expiry date of SMS package send blank SMS to 606. The best of the best stunning feature about Ufone SMS bundles is that it cost you less but offers you high deal. Get the SMS fever on today!

Yearly SMS Package offers you unlimited SMS throughout the year (Fair Usage Policy of 100,000 SMS apply) just for Rs.666+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 601.

Uth SMS FnF Package offers Uth Package customers unlimited SMS for 30 days just for Rs.5+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 604.

Uth Daily SMS Package offers Uth Package customers 600 SMS for 24 hours just for RS.1.99+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 612.

Weekly SMS Bucket offers Uth Package customers 1200 SMS for 7 days just for Rs.10+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 608.

Daily On-net SMS Package offers 500 SMS from Ufone to Ufone for 24 hours just for Rs.2+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 611.

Night Package offers limited time offer to send 300 SMS for 8 hours (12 am to 8 am) just for Rs.1+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 609.

Daily Package offers 500 SMS for 24 hours just for Rs.3.99+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 605.

Fortnightly Package offers 2500 SMS for 14 days just for Rs.30+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 603.

Unlimited Package offers 9000 SMS for 30 days just for Rs.80+tax, to activate SMS ‘SUB’ to 607.

(To unsubscribe any package SMS “Unsub” 506)

Ufone Internet and SMS Packages 2013

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone knows how to take you to the internet world with fast speed at stunning lower rates. Get the internet and MMS activation free of charges. To get the settings you have to SMS your handset model/make to 222.

Special Daily Mobile Internet Package offers 75MB per Day from 1am till 9pm just for Rs.4.99, to activate SMS on 810.

Hourly Internet Package offers unlimited internet access 1 hour just for Rs.15, to activate SMS 806.

Daily Internet Package offers 75MB for 1 day just for Rs.10, to activate SMS to 804.

Endless Internet Monthly Bucket offers unlimited internet from 2am till 9am just for Rs.30, to activate SMS to 7813.

Prepaid Mobile Internet 5 offers 5MB for 15 days just for Rs.50, to activate SMS 801.

Prepaid Mobile Internet 30 offers 30MB for 30days just for Rs.150, to activate SMS to 802.

Prepaid Mobile Internet offers 2GB for 30 days just for Rs.2oo, to activate SMS to 7807.

Prepaid Mobile Internet Unlimited offers 6GB for 30 Days just for Rs.500, to activate SMS to 803.

Postpaid Mobile Internet Unlimited offers unlimited internet for 30 days just for Rs.500, to activate SMS 805.

Default internet Package charges Rs.18 per MB.

Rating: 4.12 Reviews
Prices: PKR 500/- to PKR 666/-
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